Global Kokan Festival, Organized by Kokan Bhumi Pratishthan, provide a global platform for natural beauty, tourism, industries, agriculture, horticulture, arts, culture and cuisine from Kokan.

The Festival has created a history as it has been identified as the largest Festival held at Mumbai with more than 4 lakh people, tourists and Kokan lovers visiting the event every year.

Various Departments from the Central and State Governments such as Agriculture, Fisheries, Ports, Non-conventional energy sources and others participate at this Festival.

Eminent personalities from politics, industries, literature, arts, films and others make it a point to be at the Festival every year.

Every year the Festival is organized with increasing grandeur and Kokan is being showcased at a global scale in a real manner.

Business groups from Maharashtra, in a filed of Tourism, Real Estate, Infrastructure and industry also make it a point not to miss the opportunity of exposure at this large scale.

The many attractions that bring people to this festival can be summarized as Kokan Food Festival, Kokan Folk Arts Festival, Kokan Art Festival by artists, Exclusive 3D Photo exhibition depicting excellent Tourist destinations at Kokan.